Khawlah Mousa | Courage through Female Leadership in Baghdad

March 7th, 2018|

Written By: Kwalah Mousa

I needed a spark to give me courage and enthusiasm in my work.

I started my career in 2001 as an editor and translator for the only English newspaper in Baghdad – the Baghdad Observer. Being an editor at that time meant I had to be very […]

Presidential Precinct to partner with the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities during the 2018 Virginia Festival of the Book

February 24th, 2018|

On March 22, the Presidential Precinct will serve as a community partner in hosting “Both Sides Now: Taking Diplomacy Seriously,” a panel discussion about the intricacies of diplomacy in our challenging world. Hosted in downtown Charlottesville, Virginia, this panel brings together three academic leaders for a vibrant discussion on […]

Jacquelin Alcius | YLAI Impact Story

February 1st, 2018|

“We believe, with entrepreneurship and leadership, we can make a great impact on the country.”
– Jacquelin Alcius | Haiti

Jacquelin Alcius is the Co-Founder of Club Entrepreneurial Accès Jeunes, an accelerator and incubator which focuses on providing trainings on business planning, fundraising, and leadership. They create a strong network betweent […]

Jorge Ham | YLAI Impact Story

February 1st, 2018|

“The YLAI program is an excellent program because it’s great to go out from your reality, learn some new things, and bring them back to your own reality.”
– Jorge Ham | Mexico

Jorge Ham is the Founder of Haltium, a company with the mission of bringing new and affordable technology […]

Fonnique Miller | YLAI Impact Story

February 1st, 2018|

“Being here with eight other Fellows from Latin America … that experience alone is priceless.”
– Fonnique Miller | Jamaica

Fonnique Miller is the Co-Founder and COO of Frame of Reference Ltd., a post-production company. Frame of Reference seeks to be the leading post-production house in the Caribbean by providing high-quality […]

Lygia Pontes | YLAI Impact Story

February 1st, 2018|

“Although we are different cultures, some of the problems are the same. What I recommend to my clients in Brazil, also applies here in the U.S. and in Charlottesville.”
– Lygia Pontes | Brazil

Lygia de Macedo Pontes is the Founder and CEO of Lygia Pontes Consultoria in Brazil, which provides […]

Oscar Alvarado Freer | YLAI Impact Story

February 1st, 2018|

“YLAI was the biggest surprise I’ve ever had in my life. It’s this amazing program that gives you a lot of opportunities and a lot of tools. And it’s so amazing that you can be part of it.”
– Oscar Alvarado Freer | Costa Rica

Oscar Alvarado Freer is the Co-Founder […]

Keisha Rodriguez | YLAI Impact Story

February 1st, 2018|

“Being able to meet so many young people who are doing great things in their countries and being able to interact with so many different cultures and learning about their experiences has just been tremendous … it’s a once in a lifetime experience.”
– Keisha Rodriguez | Belize

Keisha Rodriguez is […]

Samanta Lacayo | YLAI Impact Story

February 1st, 2018|

“We can change mentalities, we can change the world, we can start with our countries. It was great to be inspired that way thanks to the Presidential Precinct.”
– Samanta Lacayo | Nicaragua

Samanta Lacayo Trujillo is the founder of the Centro de Desarrollo Integral para la Vejez, a center where […]