“We believe, with entrepreneurship and leadership, we can make a great impact on the country.”
– Jacquelin Alcius | Haiti

Jacquelin Alcius is the Co-Founder of Club Entrepreneurial Accès Jeunes, an accelerator and incubator which focuses on providing trainings on business planning, fundraising, and leadership. They create a strong network betweent eh entrepreneurs and support the growth of their business. Jacquelin previously worked at the Bank of the Republic of Haiti. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the Institut Universitaire des Sciences Juridiques Economiques et de Developpement Regional (INUJED).

Jacquelin spent 4 weeks at the Presidential Precinct through the Young Leadership of the Americas Initiative (YLAI). YLAI brings dynamic young entrepreneurs from 10 countries in the Latin America and Caribbean region for “entrepreneur-in-residence” placements with some of Charlottesville’s leading small businesses, startups, and nonprofit organizations.