Catherine Constantinides | Addressing the Water Crisis in Capetown

Because EVERY Drop Counts.

Over the past few months the city of Cape Town in South Africa has suffered its worst drought in more than a century. Mandela Washington Fellow from South Africa, Catherine Constantinides, has been hard at work ensuring that communities, children and schools are part of […]

Asmaa James – MWF2016 Impact Story

Asmaa James is a radio station manager from Freetown, Sierra Leone helpful site. She manages a program called Radio Democracy – one of the fastest growing voices of good governance in Sierra Leone.
“If we keep talking and we keep networking … from each country, I’m sure the continent will […]

Catherine Constantinides – MWF2016 Impact Story

Catherine Constantinides is a climate activist, humanitarian, and social entrepreneur from Johannesburg, South Africa.

“The ability to go back home with a network of other African leaders who come from every corner of our continent has been something so powerful.”

Catherine spent 6 weeks at the Presidential Precinct as a Mandela […]

Aruna Kallon – Presidential Precinct YALI Video Blog

Aruna Kallon is a Mandela Washington Fellow from Freetown, Sierra Leone. He is passionate about gender equity in his home community. “Men of quality are not afraid of women seeking equality.”

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