Francisco Levi

Location: Peru
Precinct Program: YLAI
Date(s): 2016

Francisco Levi is the founder of Luya Coffee Company, a local coffee brand that provides a tourist experience in the interior of Peru. Customers get high quality organic coffee while participating in a tourist experience pertaining to the coffee making process.  This project brings opportunities and technical knowledge to the coffee industry in the community of Luya. Prior to this project, Francisco worked at CARE as Head of Marketing, launching the first television advertisement for CARE Latin America.  He has also worked in advertising for DRAFT FCB. Francisco has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications Science.

milliWhile in Charlottesville, Francisco is working with Milli Coffee Roasters. Milli Coffee Roasters was created to move in the opposite direction of an automated world. Rather than looking to machines to make coffee, Milli Coffee Roasters is about an opportunity for business as a personal experience – creating beverages that appeal to all senses for the customer. Milli Coffee Roasters is much more than just a coffee shop. Specialty coffees are roasted in house, keeping the full process local, all while maintaining a balance between tradition and innovation.

Blog Entries

Francisco Levi – YLAI Impact Story

Francisco is the Founder of Luya Coffee Company in Peru. Luya Coffee Company produces high quality organic coffee, educates tourists about the coffee making process, and brings opportunities and technical knowledge to the local community.

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