Mazal Ady Blanco Labouz

Location: Colombia
Precinct Program: YLAI
Date(s): 2016

Mazal Blanco is a Manager at Mazal Blanco Eco Design S.A.S., which designs, produces, and promotes jewelry made out of organic materials.  She was previously an art teacher for the Casas de Cultura in Colombia where she emphasized traditional music, performing arts, and traditional craft making.  In 2011, she became part of the artistic collective Cuatroojos. She has a Master's Degree in Design from the Universidad Autonoma del Caribe.

elainebjewelryWhile in Charlottesville, Mazal is working with Elaine B. Jewelry. Elaine B. Jewelry is located in a small studio in downtown Charlottesville and sells at many independent boutiques around the country. Elaine’s materials are milled from recycled metals, and all of the design and construction is done by hand in her own studio. In total, a small team of four works to make jewelry functional, comfortable, and marketable. Elaine B.’s handmade products are inspired by modern art, geometry, and architecture.

Blog Entries

Public Jewelry Showcase Planned to Follow Reverse Exchange Opportunity in Colombia

“It begins with an idea and ends with a well-designed piece, with a lot of experimentation.”

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Three Presidential Precinct YLAI Fellows and Fellowship Hosts Selected for Reverse Exchange Opportunity

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – The Presidential Precinct is pleased to announce that three Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) Fellows and their Charlottesville-based fellowship hosts will participate in reverse exchange opportunities in Spring 2017. YLAI brought ten young business and social entrepreneurs from Latin America and the Caribbean […]

Mazal Blanco – YLAI Impact Story

Mazal Blanco is the Founder of Mazal Eco Design S.A.S. in Colombia. Mazal Eco Design produces and promotes jewelry made out of organic and recycled materials.

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