When Elections Work: What’s Next for the Central African Republic?

Originally published:The Hill

By Martine Ekomo-Soignet, Precinct Mandela Washington Fellow 2014 and Laurence Wohlers

Last week, the population of the Central African Republic did something many experts had deemed impossible.  They voted.  Freely and peacefully. In a presidential election that was fair, transparent — and so truly competitive that the winner remained […]

Martine Ekomo-Soignet – YALI Impact Story

August 18, 2014 | Martine Ekomo-Soignet | 2014 Washington Fellow

Martine Ekomo-Soignet, a 2014 Washington Fellow from Bangui, Central African Republic, shares her experience with the 2014 YALI program here at the Presidential Precinct.

Martine Ekomo-Soignet: YALI 2014 Reflection

July 14, 2014 | Martine Ekomo-Soignet | 2014 Washington Fellow

My name is Martine Theodora Kessy Ekomo-Soignet, and I’m from Central African Republic.

I’m living an important moment in my life. After fourteen years in France, I decided to go back in my country.

It’s an important moment for me because I’m leaving a […]