Terry Mutsvanga

Location: Zimbabwe
Precinct Program: Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders
Date(s): Summer 2016
Title & Organization: Founder, Giraffe Heroes Zimbabwe

Terry Mutsvanga is a multi-award-winning human-rights defender, filmmaker, and journalist. He was honored twice in a row by the Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) for his outstanding work in producing two documentary films, namely Dhamu: Voices from a Tent, which exposes how the Zimbabwean government forcibly evicts citizens for personal gain, as well as Nyota: Thirst Throats in the City, which highlights the core reasons behind the perennial water challenges facing Harare. (All projects are available on YouTube.) Terry is the founder of the Giraffe Heroes Zimbabwe project, an affiliate of Giraffe Heroes USA, with a mandate to identify and honor socio- and economic-rights activists. He also founded the Coalition Against Corruption (CAC), and intends to vigorously champion voter education and awareness amongst the youth prior to Zimbabwe’s 2018 elections.

Blog Entries

Precinct Alumnus Awarded Prize for Supporting Transparency and Accountability Across Africa

Just about a year ago, Terry Mutsvanga arrived in Charlottesville as a Mandela Washington Fellow. He came with a pervading passion for human rights and the restoring of transparency in governments. Now, in addition to producing and screening his own documentaries, Terry has joined together with other Mandela Washington […]

Precinct YALI Fellow Directs Film Project on Rural Mining in Zimbabwe

Terry Mutsvanga knows well the power of filmmaking in communicating for human rights. He is by no means new to the industry, having received two awards from ZimRights, a Zimbabwean Human Rights Association, for his role in “Dhamu: Voices from a Tent” and “Nyota: Thirts Throats in the City.” […]

Terry Mutsvanga – MWF2016 Impact Story

Terry Mutsvanga is an activist focusing on human rights for Zimbabwean citizens. He works to hold governments and communities accountable for good governance and access to justice.

“If I look at the Fellows who are here from Africa – they are young people with a vision. They are determined to […]