Moussa Hassan Abdillahi

Location: Djibouti
Precinct Program: Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders
Date(s): Summer 2016

Moussa Hassan is a 29-year-old Djiboutian with over six years’ experience in development issues such as woman’s education and social activities for girls. Currently, Moussa works as deputy director in a local women’s center for young girls out of the school system. He has coordinated many projects led by international organizations such as UNHCR and USAID. He has relevant skills, including implementing a development program by establishing a training program on the ground; planning a literacy and post-literacy training program for young girls; and promoting, facilitating, and managing social and economic activities for women and girls. He also has competency in management, monitoring, and advocating. Moussa holds a master’s degree in Management and Finance from the University of Besancon, France, and a bachelor’s in Social Science from the University of Djibouti. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Moussa wishes to continue serving communities and improving conditions for women.

Blog Entries

Moussa Hassan – MWF2016 Impact Story

Moussa Hassan​ works for the Ministry of Women and Family in Djibouti, offering opportunities of empowerment through education for young women.

“The energy of youth WILL push Africa forward.”

Moussa spent 6 weeks at the Presidential Precinct as a Mandela Washington Fellow. The Mandela Washington Fellowship is the flagship program of […]