Matthew Fred

Location: Buchanan, Liberia
Precinct Program: Washington Fellowship Young African Leaders
Date(s): Summer 2014
Title & Organization: Human Rights Journalist, Youth Against Tribalism in Africa

As a humanitarian and journalist, Matthew M. Fred has been working for five years to resolve conflict and discrimination issues among tribal communities in rural Grand Bassa County, South-western Liberia. He presently serves as the President and founder of Youth Against Tribalism In Africa (YATIA), a non-profit youth led organization striving to eradicate tribalism by focusing on mentoring rural communities’ youth and elders concerning the effect of forms of discrimination. As a human rights journalist, Matthew reports on human rights issues affecting rural communities in Grand Bassa County. Matthew holds certificates in human rights reporting from Journalism for Human Rights (Canada) in collaboration with the Liberia Media Center (LMC). He also has a Certificate in Youth Peace Building and Leadership skills from the Action Aid Liberia/UNICEF JPYEE Program, coupled with an Advanced Diploma in Computer Science from the Keytech Computer Institute in Liberia. Passionate about seeing Liberia free of ethnic conflicts and discrimination, Matthew is committed to using his Washington Fellowship experience to enable his institution to spread its advocacy, awareness and mentorship against tribalism, which he believes is economically, socially, religiously, physically and emotionally restraining Africa’s economic growth and development.

Blog Entries

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Matthew Fred, a 2014 Washington Fellow from Buchanan, Liberia, shares his experience with the 2014 YALI program here at the Presidential Precinct.

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First I must define sustainability, which pertains to the ability of being sustainable. Achieving sustainability as it relates to my home country contains a number of key challenges which are a kind of obstacle that can sometimes be obscured. These challenges can […]

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July 11, 2014 | Matthew Fred | 2014 Washington Fellow

How I began my interest in promoting ethnic understanding and unity

Born and raised in a coastal town in south western Liberia, I am the fourth of 11 children. My upbringing was like the beginning of any other life, but the scars of […]