IMG_5364Jose Maria Gomes Lopes

Location: Praia, Cape Verde
Precinct Program: Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders
Date(s): Summer 2014
Title & Organization: Teacher, Instituto Superior de Ciencias Economicas e Empres

José Maria Lopes is a social activist with more than seven years of experience in the community development sector. Currently, José is the chairman of Associação Para o Desenvolvimento Comunitário de Picos Acima (APDZA), a community-based organization he helped found in 2006 that promotes the social, cultural and economic development of Picos Acima, a village of approximately 2000 people on Santiago Island, Cabo Verde. As the chairman of APDZA, José has helped raise funds for projects in capacity building, life skills and small business benefitting the people of Picos Acima. José holds a bachelor’s degree in English Language Studies and a master’s degree in Social Sciences from the University of Cape Verde. He teaches Business English at the Higher Institute of Economics and Business Sciences in Praia (ISCEE), Cabo Verde, where he chairs the Language Department. As a researcher, José focuses on public policy and language status, studying power relations between the two national languages, Creole and Portuguese, and the economics of English language. Upon completion of the Washington Fellowship José plans to strengthen the connections between his academic post and his dedication to community work. His ambition is to continue working in community development, empowering non-profit organizations through workshops on fundraising, volunteerism, leadership, professional training, and life skills, aiming at capacitating their leaders in social and economic development. In addition, he plans to help create small businesses in rural villages to raise disadvantaged people out of poverty.

Blog Entries

Jose Lopes: Poverty in Cabo Verde Through Entrepreneurism

The Network Journal

José Maria Gomes Lopes is an innovator who secured financing for an income-generating mill for his impoverished community in Cabo Verde, Africa. Lopes, a social activist with more than seven years of experience in the community development sector, had dreams of making a difference.

His dreams were further […]

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Presidential Precinct Mandela Washington Fellow Jose Lopes presents a “TED Style Lightning Talk” with recommendations to African Heads of State at the Presidential Summit.

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August 1, 2014 | José Lopes | 2014 Washington Fellow

José Lopes from Praia, Cape Verde, shares his experience with the 2014 YALI program here at the Presidential Precinct.

Jose Maria Lopes: YALI 2014 Reflection

July 14, 2014 | Jose Maria Lopes | 2014 Washington Fellow

This week I am going to reflect with you on how the pursuit of liberty and freedom causes major changes in a society. I will be focusing on the examples of the USA and Cabo Verde, by concentrating on the ideals […]

Jose Lopes: YALI 2014 Reflection

July 15, 2014 | Jose Maria Lopes | 2014 Washington Fellow

On June 22, 2014, the Cape Verdean TV New stations broadcasted news spots saying that five hundred young Africans had been selected to participate in the Young African Leadership Initiative, and that among the 500, four were Cape Verdean. Right after […]

Sustainability and Reduction of Poverty

July 14, 2014 | Jose Maria Lopes | 2014 Washington Fellow

Sustainability in the Cape Verdean Context

Today, more than ever, the concept of sustainability is in vogue when dealing with environmental, economic and social issues. Environmentalists advocate policies that ensure healthy environmental conditions for human beings, now and for future generations. Business […]