Amani Hassan Yahya

Location: Sudan
Precinct Program: Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders
Date(s): Summer 2016
Title & Organization: Doctor

Amani Yahya is a Sudanese doctor with over five years of experience in volunteer work. She recently started volunteering at Sudan Badu Organization on conflict resolution and peacebuilding as a training coordinator and motivational speaker for young women of Darfur, empowering and motivating them to become peace advocates. Amani is working on establishing her own organization for women’s empowerment in post-conflict stages, specifically in the Darfur region, raising awareness on their rights and the importance the role women play in conflict resolution and peacebuilding. She provides the psychological support they need and is active in their political role in peace agreements. Amani is currently studying to get a higher diploma in Peace and Conflict Studies in Khartoum, Sudan. Upon the completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, she plans to launch her organization for empowering females in post-conflict stages in Darfur.

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