IMG_5375Edith Bishi

Location: Zimbabwe
Precinct Program: YALI
Date(s): 2018

Edith Bishi is a lawyer with over six years of experience in the legal services sector. Currently, Edith is a senior professional associate at Mugwadi and Associates Legal Practitioners, where she focuses on women’s rights. She volunteers with women’s rights organizations in Zimbabwe, promoting access to justice for women in marginalized communities through the provision of legal representation and training of women. Edith holds an honors degree in Law from Midlands State University in Zimbabwe, where she focused on Human Rights Law. She is motivated by her commitment to justice and equality. She aspires to be a judge in the higher courts of Zimbabwe, which will position her to interpret and develop the law from a human rights perspective for the benefit of women and girls. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Edith plans to establish a community legal training center and expand her activities to other remote areas in Zimbabwe.