Dzikamai Bere | YALI 2017 Impact Story

“The biggest takeaway for me from the Presidential Precinct would be a celebration of youth leadership.” – Dzikamai Bere

Dzikamai has over nine years of experience working in the justice and human rights sector in Zimbabwe. He is Coordinator of the National Transitional Justice Working Group (NTJWG), a platform established […]

Godfrey Kurauone | YALI 2017 Impact Story

“We are also encouraging [youth] to participate in all governance processes, be it constitution making, be it voting, and be it even community meetings.” – Godfrey Kurauone

Godfrey has over five years’ experience in local governance, specifically focusing on policy making and community development. He is the youngest Councillor in […]

Abel Chemura – MWF2016 Impact Story

Abel Chemura is an environment scientist and climate change activist who believes strongly in the need and future potential of young generations in African governments, communities, and environments.

“The older generation of people – when we look up to them, they don’t have solutions because [our challenges] are not problems […]

Terry Mutsvanga – MWF2016 Impact Story

Terry Mutsvanga is an activist focusing on human rights for Zimbabwean citizens. He works to hold governments and communities accountable for good governance and access to justice.

“If I look at the Fellows who are here from Africa – they are young people with a vision. They are determined to […]

Tinashe Mutsonziwa – MWF2016 Impact Story

Tinashe Mutsonziwa passionately seeks greater inclusion of women in governance. She is certain that peace in Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole will be brought about when more women are included in decision-making.

“Through history we get to get to know ourselves better and we get to build institutions that […]

Roselyne Sachti – Presidential Precinct YALI Video Blog

Roselyne Sachiti is a 2015 Mandela Washington Fellow from Harare, Zimbabwe. Through her role as a journalist for The Herald-Zimbabwe, Roselyne wants to ensure that women and girls have a voice in all situations, especially through the processes of youth empowerment. “As African youth, first we need to unite.”

David Hofisi – Presidential Precinct YALI Video Blog

David is a Mandela Washington Fellow and Constitutional Lawyer from Harare, Zimbabwe. He is committed to bringing constitutional rights to all citizens through equality under the rule of law. “Our Constitution is only two years old … we are still trying to build a culture of constitutionalism … so […]

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Rumbidzai Dube – Presidential Precinct YALI Blog

September 13, 2014 | Rumbidzai Dube | 2014 Washington Fellow

Rumbidzai Dube from Kadoma, Zimbabwe, shares her experience with the 2014 YALI program here at the Presidential Precinct.

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Emmanuel Ndlovu – Presidential Precinct YALI Video Blog

August 5, 2014 | Emmanuel Ndlovu | 2014 Washington Fellow
Emmanuel Ndlovu, a 2014 Washington Fellow from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, shares his experience with the 2014 YALI program here at the Presidential Precinct.

Questioning the Familiar

July 13, 2014 | Emmanuel Ndlovu | 2014 Washington Fellow

The British Philosopher, Bertrand Russell once admonished his readers that, “in all affairs it’s a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted.” The starting point in the quest to gain […]