IMG_5375Ousmane Bah

Location: Burkina Faso
Precinct Program: Mandela Washington Fellowship
Date(s): Summer 2017
Title & Organization: Program Officer, Union des Foyers Coraniques du Sahel pour Education

Ousmane Bah has over 10 years of experience in the community development sector, working in the Sahel region of Burkina Faso. He works with programs focusing on youth education, sexual reproductive health, HIV/AIDS and early/precocious marriage. Currently, Ousmane Bah is a Program Officer for Union des Foyers Coraniques du Sahel pour Education, la Paix et le Development (UFCS-EPD). Ousmane founded the organization to put teachers at informal Koranic schools of the Sahel region of Burkina into a functioning group dedicated to preventing the radicalization of youths and advocating for tolerance between different religions. Ousmane’s organization drives a global response to the uprising of jihadist groups in Burkina Faso by preventing vulnerable youth in Koranic schools from falling into radicalism. Upon completion of the MWF, Ousmane plans to continue his organization’s work of modernizing isolated Koranic schools through coaching activities, capacity building, sensitization and literacy programs.

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