IMG_5375Mariyann Jabang

Location: The Gambia
Precinct Program: Mandela Washington Fellowship
Date(s): Summer 2017
Title & Organization: Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Health & Social Welfare, The Gambia

As a graduate in Political Science and Women and Gender Studies at the prestigious University of Toronto, Canada, a module in Women and Health paved the way for Mariyann’s professional ambition to serve in the health and social welfare cadre of the Republic of the Gambia, which is predominantly male dominated, thereby skewing health and public policy in favor of the status-quo. Mariyann has over three years work experience in the administrative cadre at the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare, The Gambia supporting the Minister, Permanent Secretary and other departments in the implementation of government, health and social welfare policies nationwide. She is passionate about giving back to the educational institution and community that nurtured her as young girl to be the responsible adult that she is today. As a result of this passion, she conducts gift drives for the Banjul Central Mortuary where she provides basic necessities to perform the final rites for the departed such as towels, soaps, cotton etc. She works with a group of voluntary women who perform the final rites on departed females as opposed to having male washers do it. She hopes that one day the mortuary will employ more women on payroll. Mariyann also runs a gender-awareness program at the WAIS Junior School where she sensitizes and encourages young boys to embrace gender tolerance and understanding at an early age. After the fellowship, she hopes to commence a gender-awareness program in numerous Gambian schools across diverse groups in the country.

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