IMG_5375Jacques Baeni

Location: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Precinct Program: YALI
Date(s): 2018

Jacques Baeni Mwendabandu has four years of experience in community development. Jacques is a sanitation monitor at the Jesuit Refugee Service. He also co-facilitates a community development course at Jesuit Worldwide Learning (JWL) through the Higher Education at the Margins project in the Dzaleka refugee camp in Malawi. JWL provides online and onsite learning programs to refugees and offers diploma, bachelor’s degree, and short courses. In addition, Jacques is the founder of Vijana Africa, a community-based organization, focused on the promotion of gender equality and reduction of poverty and hunger. Vijana Africa promotes income-generating activities, such as rabbit farming and gardening. To address gender equality, the organization facilitates peer education activities. Jacques holds a diploma in Social Work from Regis University. He is committed to creating an environment without human rights abuse. Jacques dreams of a community in which men and women participate in the community’s development in peace. Upon completion of Mandela Washington Fellowship, Jacques plans to contribute to socioeconomic change in the Dzaleka camp and surrounding villages by supporting widows and single-mothers. Jacques will also build youth capacity to combat sexual and gender-based violence.