IMG_5375Christian Lambang Fonye

Location: Cameroon
Precinct Program: Mandela Washington Fellowship
Date(s): Summer 2017
Title & Organization: Lecturer, Pan African Institute for Development West Africa

Christian Lambang Fonye is a Consultant and Lecturer on Human Rights and Peace Operations in the Pan African Institute for Development West Africa. He is the acting Secretary General of the Movement for Democracy, Development and Transparency and has also served as a Protection Officer on the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms, Cameroon. Lambang has extensive experience working on civil society issues. He has served as a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer in the European Union Civil Society Strengthening Program in the Southwest Region. He is looking forward to mobilizing effective partnerships geared towards curriculum development in Peace Operations and also seeks to make a valuable contribution in the lives of pre-trial detainees and to supporting effective rehabilitation programs for ex-convicts. Lambang holds a Master’s Degree in Peace, Conflict and International Relations from the Pan African Institute for Development, West Africa and also holds specialized certificates in Human Rights and Civilian Service from the Peace Operations Training Institute in Virginia, USA, and certificates in Conflict Analysis, Negotiation and Interfaith Conflict Resolution from the United States Institute of Peace. With a multidisciplinary background that cuts across human resource development, community service and counter terrorism studies, Lambang is committed to promoting a human rights based approach to development in order to counter the global threat of violent extremism.

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