Liziane Dranka Silva

Location: Brazil
Precinct Program: YLAI
Date(s): 2016

Liziane Dranka Silva is the Founder and CEO of Ink, a social business supporting the expansion capabilities of social organizations and businesses through consulting and training services.  She previously served as a Youth Ventures Program Coordinator for Aliança Empreendedora in Curitiba, Brazil.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the Universidade Federal do Paraná.   

cneWhile in Charlotesville, Liziane is working with the Center for Nonprofit Excellence. The Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNE) works to strengthen nonprofits in order to realize the potential of the Charlottesville community. They provide education, consulting, and resources to create strong leaders, effective managers, and healthy collaborators. They are always learning and always teaching to ensure that nonprofits have the tools needed to be competent, operate with integrity, and maximize their impact. CNE believes in and advocates for a strong, independent nonprofit sector.

Blog Entries

Liziane Silva | Catalyzing Social Impact in Brazil

Written By: Nancy Hopkins

Brazilian social entrepreneur Liziane Silva thinks at scale. Liz is the Founder and CEO of Ink, a Sao Paulo-based consulting and training firm that is improving the lives of people across Brazil by harnessing the power of nonprofit organizations and businesses to create positive change. Liz […]

Liziane Silva – YLAI Impact Story

Liziane Silva is the Founder of Ink in São Paulo, Brazil. Through Ink, she invests in the talents of social businesses all across Brazil with the hopes of creating stronger communities. Hear about her time in Charlottesville with YLAI at the Center for Nonprofit Excellence.

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