IMG_5375Keisha Diane Rodriguez

Location: Belize
Precinct Program: YLAI
Date(s): 2017

Keisha Rodriguez is the Co-Founder and Director of Communications, Outreach, and Networking for Belize Association of Planners (BAP), which addresses relevant planning and development issues in Belize, with an emphasis on vulnerable urban communities. They seek to apply knowledge, skills sets, and experiences to addressing inequities and urban and environmental injustices. Keisha is also an adjunct lecturer at the University of Belize. She holds an MA in International Environment Sustainable Development from National Central University and a BA in Biology from the University of Belize.

Blog Entries

Keisha Rodriguez | YLAI Impact Story

“Being able to meet so many young people who are doing great things in their countries and being able to interact with so many different cultures and learning about their experiences has just been tremendous … it’s a once in a lifetime experience.”
– Keisha Rodriguez | Belize

Keisha Rodriguez is […]