Last week, American Evolution launched the Virginia History Trails app, featuring many of the Presidential Precinct’s partner sites across the state of Virginia. Precinct staff members were honored to be a part of the launch celebration in Richmond.

The Virginia History Trails app, a customized digital platform, is the smartest way to explore Virginia history. The app features 20 trails and 400 stories of the people, places and events that highlight Virginia history. The app’s GPS finds historical sites nearby and you can check in and share your travels on social media. Use the app to find your way through the trails, each representing an important part of Virginia and American history.

The Presidential Precinct’s partnership with American Evolution represents over a year’s worth of programming and initiatives. From focused projects like this app to public, content-focused events across the state, the partnership will culminate in the May 2019 Global Pathfinder Summit. Learn more about American Evolution at