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The Presidential Precinct is a nonprofit that unites two of America’s premier universities, William & Mary and the University of Virginia, William Short’s Morven, and the homes of three Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, James Madison’s Montpelier and James Monroe’s Highland.
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  • Liziane Silva | Catalyzing Social Impact in Brazil

    Written By: Nancy Hopkins Brazilian social entrepreneur Liziane Silva thinks at scale. Liz is the Founder and CEO of Ink, a Sao Paulo-based consulting and training firm that is improving the lives of people across Brazil by harnessing the power of nonprofit organizations and businesses to create positive change. Liz... Read More...

  • Catherine Constantinides | Addressing the Water Crisis in Capetown

    Because EVERY Drop Counts. Over the past few months the city of Cape Town in South Africa has suffered its worst drought in more than a century. Mandela Washington Fellow from South Africa, Catherine Constantinides, has been hard at work ensuring that communities, children and schools are part of the... Read More...

  • Khawlah Mousa | Courage through Female Leadership in Baghdad

    Written By: Kwalah Mousa I needed a spark to give me courage and enthusiasm in my work. I started my career in 2001 as an editor and translator for the only English newspaper in Baghdad – the Baghdad Observer. Being an editor at that time meant I had to be... Read More...

  • Fernanda Lobato | Promoting the Role of the Citizen in Mozambique

    In the port city of Maputo, the federal capital of Mozambique, Fernanda Lobato is committed to building citizen participation in government. With the help of local university students, she created The Eye of the Citizen, an online platform for journalism, in 2012 to promote the role of the citizen and... Read More...


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